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Cleveland Clinic Arts and Medicine Institute Lecture about Winter Spirit

March 4, 2010 1 comment

Click on this link to watch my presentation about Winter Spirit at the Cleveland Clinic’s Arts and Medicine Institute on February 17, 2010. Note: The video file is 125 MB.

You will love my partner, the 100-year old Shirley Buck Welton.


Why Did I Create Winter Spirit? Listen to My Live Interview with Dr. Zara Larsen, March 6

In a nutshell, I created Winter Spirit because I believe that photography and poetry are powerful creative tools that promote inspiration, insight and healing in people.  Each season of the year offers us something special. Winter offers us a wonderful opportunity for reflection, rejuvenation, gathering wisdom, and healing. Finally, in using my poetry and photography in working with hospice and mental health patients, I discovered that people respond very positively to both, especially when used in combination, which is what Winter Spirit does.

Stay tuned for more about my reasons for creating Winter Spirit. Please join me this Saturday, March 6th between Noon and 2 p.m. EDT on or 104.1 FM in Tucson, Arizona.  My newly released book, Winter Spirit, will be featured in a 30 minute live segment within the popular talk radio and web stream show “Circles of Change with Dr. Zara Larsen: Where Your Path is Created by Walking On It.”  Dr. Larsen has hosted over 170 diverse guests in two years, opening positive conversations on career fulfillment and organizational change.  From pragmatic advice to unconventional wisdom, inspiration for all of us to help others.

Feel free to real time call in questions to (520) 751-1041, (877) 544-2580 toll free or email .  If you miss the show, the complimentary podcast will be posted at 2010 Season within the Featured Guest library by Wednesday, March 10th.

You can also “opt in” via mobile phone to receive the podcast links and future show announcements by sending the simple text message of drzara (no spaces) to box 69852.

Hope you can join us!

Book Preview

You can preview several pages of Winter Spirit by clicking on this link.


Welcome to the Winter Spirit Blog

Dear Reader,

I am pleased to welcome you to the Winter Spirit Blog. This is a place where you can share your comments about my new book entitled Winter Spirit, Using Winter’s Beauty and Power to Inspire and Heal.

Winter Spirit is a collection of photographs and poems honoring the beauty and power of the winter season. It is the first in a series of four books by me, capturing the beauty and power of the four seasons as seasons of the year and seasons of our lives.

Winter Spirit was created for two audiences: the general reader wishing to deepen his or her appreciation for winter as a season of the year; and the reader with a special interest in photography and poetry as creative tools promoting inspiration, insight, wellness, and healing. Chapter VI will be of special interest to this second audience.

The book’s photographs show off nature’s winter artwork in Northeast Ohio, capturing the spirit of the season in places such as The Holden Arboretum, Cleveland Metroparks, Mayfield Village, Gates Mills Village, rural Geauga County, Lake Metroparks, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Downtown Cleveland, Shaker Lakes Nature Area, and along the shores of Lake Erie.

Many of the poems in this book relate directly to the photographs, while others speak to the symbolism of winter, and what it represents to the human experience in psychological and spiritual terms. The book combines Don Iannone’s own poetry and the poems of several famous early poets, including Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, James Kavanaugh, William Shakespeare, Wallace Stevens, Robert Louis Stevenson, Edward Thomas, and W. B. Yeats.

Winter Spirit has been an artistic and learning journey. Hopefully this book adds to your appreciation for the winter season, and that its images and poems touch you deeply.

Best Wishes,

Don Iannone