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Podcast of My Winter Spirit Interview with Zara Larsen

March 13, 2010 1 comment

Click on this link to listen to my Winter Spirit interview with Zara Larsen from FM 104.1 in Tucson, Arizona.

Thank you Zara!

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What Are the Early Reviewers Saying about Winter Spirit?

“The warmth, humor, and beauty of Don Iannone’s photography captures the true spirit of the winter season. I loved how this book combined stirring peaks of action, such as snowboarders and skiers frozen in mid-leap, with quiet, snow-blanketed moments of tranquility. The diverse subject matter ranges from rural to urban scenes; from humans enjoying the season, to birds and animals struggling to find nourishment. Photographers will be stirred and motivated by Don’s work and see winter as the challenging pictorial opportunity that it is. In his collection of inspiring words and images, Don has concocted a treat for the eye and mind.” ~David D. Busch, leading photojournalist, fashion and portrait photographer, and award-winning author of more than 120 books on photography

“Don Iannone’s Winter Spirit is full of eloquent poetry and lovely photographs that capture the essence of winter in Northeast Ohio. The quiet beauty of woodlands and wetlands, rivers and streams, backyard wildlife, downtown Cleveland during a snowfall, and people enjoying winter outdoors, are showcased with images and words that invigorate the heart and elevate the spirit”. ~Ian Adams, leading environmental photographer who has published 17 photographic books.

“To hi ga lo hi sdi go la” in Cherokee, or in English “To make it through the winter healthy.” The winter pictures and poems in this book truly capture the essence of winter for Cherokees, which is a time for cleanliness, stillness, rest and preparation for the upcoming harvest season.” ~Melissa Gower, Director, Cherokee Nation Health Services Group in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

“Winter Spirit is an apt title since the words and images accomplish just that, and in a beautiful fashion. Northeast Ohio is lucky to have photographers and poets like Don Iannone, who can not only capture the beauty of the region in images, but also portray his thoughts and feelings in his poetry. Don’s love of winter and Northeast Ohio are evident throughout the book.” ~Brian Parsons, Director of Conservation at The Holden Arboretum in Kirtland, Ohio, which is one of Northeast Ohio’s most treasured natural resources.

“Don Iannone’s Winter Spirit offers a powerful healing metaphor for inspiration and insight through his beautiful written word and remarkable photography. Winter Spirit is a valuable tool and therapeutic resource combining poetry and art to facilitate opportunities for self-awareness and growth within healthcare, hospice, coaching and mental health settings. I recommend Winter Spirit as an excellent addition and asset to promote poetry and photography for helping others seeking a creative intervention for inner reflection and restoration.” ~Gretchen Miller, Director of the Art and Poetry Program at PLAN of Northeast Ohio, which provides home-based mental health services to patients.

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